At CHICO we have established sustainability development goals in two areas:

To R & D more sustainable products and services, to create value for our clients by offering high quality products and services.

Chico insists on investing great efforts and energy on the front line of planting industry for a long term, paying attention to the trends of agricultural development and growers' experience, and further improving product quality and applicability. Over the years, Chico has accumulated rich experience in this field and offers excellent solutions to global growers.

Chico values both practical effects and environmental protection of products. It devotes itself to resolving the difficulties faced by global growers as well as spreading the concept of environmental protection during product usage, and provides highly efficient products to prevent and control diseases, insects and weeds.
We believe that being a responsible company is good for the growth of our business. It helps us operate efficiently, gain the trust of our customers and partners.

As a high-growth company, We encourage every one of our employees to play a fundamental role in our everyday business, allow our employees to stretch their skills, and to grow up together with CHICO.

CHICO adhere to the standardization of business against unfair competition, consciously protect the environment by promoting the development and popularization of environmental technology.

Concerning seriously about food safety, CHICO strive to build a green Earth with good harvest by providing innovative products and practical solutions.