We have complete and advanced testing instruments, modern production equipments and the team with excellent experts and technicians.
We had a closely cooperation with a number of well-know universities and research institutes.

New pesticide with high efficiency and low toxicity is the key to develop, towards developing the formulation of water-based,dust-free,ultrafine and microencapsulated, through technological innovation and optimized formulations, it has formed a stable, mature, large-scale production process and the high quality system.

In our company, the most rapid development and with most varieties are: WDG, high contents WP, and DF, SG, CR etc which are more efficient, safer, greener and more advantageous.
SC, SE, FS, EW, ME, SL, ME, ULV, SC+CS, etc. According to the domestic and overseas pesticide application information to filtering pesticide varieties, and at same time closely cooperation with domestic and overseas auxiliaries suppliers, to do technical reserves for new formulations and new products.

With our current R&D platform of solutions, we are confident in our ability to continue to deliver sustainable innovations that meet the needs of our customers around the world.