About Chico Crop

Chico Crop Science Co., Ltd. is a high agro-tech company specialized in providing comprehensive nutrition for crops, seed treatment and systematic prevention and control of crop diseases, pests and weeds. Over the years, the Company has been committed to research of plant nutrition and agrochemical products as well as production and sales of related products, in order to achieve economical investment, environmentally friendly planting, and good harvest for global growers.

“Customized, green, economical and efficient” are the essentials of Chico’s philosophy of developing agriculture by science and technology. The unique understanding of and focus on agriculture is the fundamental source for Chico to continuously innovate and promote related products. With years of experience in the plant protection industry, interpreting the needs of customers and growers, and cooperating with domestic and foreign research institutes, laboratories, and raw material producers, Chico has developed a series of finished products and solutions that meet various planting needs of different customers. Chico will always work together with global partners and growers and strive to build a green Earth with good harvest.

Technology & Consulting Service

Our technology experts and technicians act as consultants whenever our customers have any problem on agriculture.

TC & Formulation Production

Chico focuses on R&D various kinds of formulation, especially the unconventional ones. We also manufacture TC material.

Small Packaging Available

The pesticide product packaging of our company features customizable and diversified. A variety of specifications.

Registration Expert Support

Our team of registration is familiar with the stipulations and regulations of different areas or countries.

Fast & Effective Sample Processing

Sample customization is one part of our quality service. In general, samples are available within 2 to 5 days.

Excellent Sales & After-sale Service

We care about each step of our service. Excellent service represents in every period of sales especially after sale.

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Our Testimonials

We are a company with our own manufacturing base and R&D center, we will continue striving to improve our service and provides growers with best pesticide and practical solutions.

Chico's product quality is very good, the price also is very reasonable, they help us quickly accurate obtain many product registration, they have perfect technical advisory services, excellent sales & after-sale service, our rapid growth with chico, sincere thanks to chico.

Mehdi Zare Distributor

Chico's products are the most effective I have ever used, it can comparable to international brands, but the prices are very affordable. This team can also give me some very good solutions to help me overcome diseases and insect pests to ensure my harvest.

Rahul Jagtap Rancher

Chico is a very reliable partner, quick and timely delivery, competitive price, easy payment terms, and the most importantly, honesty is the most valuable factor of this company. Every batch of products have strict production control and product testing.

Mahmoud Hassen Distributor